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Enhancing Resilience + Improving Optimal Performance|
Enhancing Resilience + Improving Optimal Performance|
Enhancing Resilience + Improving Optimal Performance|
Virtual Wellness Program

An innovative solution to identify and support lifestvle change, create more energy, assist with weight loss and improve performance.

Utilising wearable technology, we monitor a number of physiological parameters captured by the clients wearable device such as heart rate, heart rate variability, activity levels, body temperature, oxygen saturation and sleep quality through an interactive App.

In turn we analyse how this data relates to the physical parameters of weight loss and psychological parameters of stress, anxiety. burnout and cognitive impairment.

This is all done with consent from the client and teamed with psychological and physical interventions in the form of weekly 'coaching sessions' between our Human Performance Officers and the client using or secure global IT platform.

Virtual Wellness Program

Most wearable devices can be connected to the services.


We utilise biofeedback to effectively monitor and implement psychological and physical intervention strategies to advocate wellness and peak performance.

We are starting conversations earlier with a focus on proactive wellbeing solutions. addressing mental and physical health before it becomes a realty.

This is a proactive wellbeing product aimed at the everyday person who wants to thrive and flourish in their everydav lives.

Simple implementation
Non intrusive - discreet
proactive engagement
Increase productivity, weight
loss and cognitive performance
Accountability and coaching
at your finger tips
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We provide innovative mental health services by qualified mental health practitioners to those people who find mainstream services too embarrassing, too confronting, too inconvenient, or simply not available.

We imagine a world where
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