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Innovative mental health solution|
Innovative mental health solution|
Innovative mental health solution|

The staff member simply scans the QR code provided by HR on their intranet, posters or emails and are put in direct contact with a staff member within 5 minutes. If outside of operating hours bookings can be made via a 24-hour booking service.

The hour-long real-time session is initiated by the Mental Health practitioner at a time and date specified by the client.

The staff member can rebook themselves after the session with the same Mental Health Practitioner or the Virtual Psychologist team can do it for the staff member. The number of sessions is dependent of the company contract.

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It helps to increase workplace wellbeing through text-based and virtual counselling by improving workplace satisfaction through reducing stress and anxiety, reducing costs related to abseentism, presenteeism and compensation claims and by providing a proactive and innovative form on engagement for staff.

Not only is Text and virtual counselling safe and convenient, It is also a confidential and cost-effective solution to support staff during stressful times.

Our research reveals that 44% of corporate customers would NOT have reached out for support if text counselling had not been available.

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We provide innovative mental health services by qualified mental health practitioners to those people who find mainstream services too embarrassing, too confronting, too inconvenient, or simply not available.

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