Cyber bullying: What to do and how to keep safe

Bullying has been around since time immemorial but although Cyber bullying is a more recent issue, the problem is on the rise and affecting children world wide.   There is no downtime for children as the bullying doesn’t stop once they go home as it continues online.  Children are tormented and left with the effects of cyberbullying which can which can lead to suicide, self-harm and/or social anxiety.

It important for children to know they aren’t alone, there are ways to deal with cyber bullying such as;

  1. You can manage the situation by; 
  • Don’t respond to the message/post straight away.
  • Give yourself some emotional distance, and think carefully before deciding what is the best way to respond.
  • Tell a parent, teacher or authority figure about what’s happening.
  1. Technological strategies;
  • Take screen shots.
  • Report the matter to the provider so they can delete information if necessary,
  • Block the person
  1. Get help and support from a professional counsellor who can help you;
  • Develop positive coping skills, (learn other ways to cope with feelings)
  • Stand up for themselves in a safe and effective manner, (learn how to have confidence)
  • Build a positive self-image of themselves
  • Understand why kids bully,
  • Focus on positive friendships and build more safe friendships,
  1. Report the matter to Esafety if the post/image hasn’t been removed.

Watch the video below to understand the GETRID strategy.


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