How It Works

Do you find it too hard to talk face to face or over the phone?

Is it too embarrassing, intimidating, confronting or simply just too inconvenient?

Well we offer a Text service that you can use from anywhere. No down loading of an App required. No need to take time out to attend an appointment. It is as simple as texting from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office (or bus, or plane, or train!). Sessions occur in real time and last up to an hour. You will be connected with a qualified mental health professional who will guide you through your troubles. You can make an appointment to Text with the same counsellor again at a day/time convenient to you. We offer a range of services via Text that include counselling, coaching and Critical Incident support.

The service is encrypted at the highest level and all data is secured on local based servers. Two factor authentication is required by our qualified staff before they can access any client details. All data is stored and protected in accordance with the Privacy Act and the ethical standards of the Australian Psychological Society.

Are you an EAP provider looking to revolutionize your services? 

Would you like a platform that is secure, flexible, scalable, and allows your staff flexible working options post Covid-19? Do you want verbatim client notes taken automatically whether it be text or phone? Do you want the freedom to offer text, phone, and video services all from one platform? Virtual Psychologist is soon offering a custom designed and developed software as a service (SAAS) based platform that can take your EAP to the next level. Text-based services have shown over a 30% increase in uptake over traditional services. We have also shown a 94% client retention and return rate.

Text-based EAP services have proven to be ideal for:

  • Busy workers who need flexible EAP arrangements and multitasking
  • People who want confidentiality in seeking psychological and coaching support
  • People who cannot make it into an office or have private access to a phone
  • Cultural and linguistically diverse people. (CALD clients have stated text-based counselling is easier to communicate through as it gives them time to comprehend the conversation)
  • People who want to reflect and review the session later as its all-in writing, verbatim.
  • People who want the flexibility to transition from text, to voice, to video depending on their needs.
  • Social distancing measures

As our platform is scalable, we can offer packages for a single psychologist, to 100 psychologists or more, meaning our platform is ideal for the self-employed psychologist, or an enterprise EAP provider. It offers the flexibility to work from home, from within an office environment, from the beaches of Mikonos (when the borders open again of course), or anywhere there is a stable internet connection. Our own staff work from Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast), the Philippines, and the United Kingdom.

We also offer packages for integrations such as phone Applications, Chat-bots for auto scheduling services, data reporting, content and resources services, and a Watch app for proactive wellbeing.

So, if you are interested in revolutionizing, simplifying, and modernizing your EAP contact us now to discuss what we can offer you and your clients. Email us now at

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