Who we are

We are a bunch of innovative qualified mental health professionals who have one goal in mind and that is to make mental health services and coaching more accessible to those in need.


Our Story

As a qualified psychologist who has worked in many countries around the world Dervla Loughnane is often asked to provide psychological support to Critical Incidents all over Australia. However one case in particular had a huge impact on Ms Loughnane. A young man; who appeared to have it all, took his own life late one night. He passed away with his mobile phone next to him.

Something that troubled Ms Loughnane was the lack of engagement channels offered by psychologists in Australia.

Would he have reached out for help if he could have sent a simple text message and not felt under pressure to ask for help directly?

Could he have engaged in services earlier if he had an option of a less confrontational form of engagement?

Could a simple text sent in the middle of the night have provided the support he needed to make another life changing decision?

Could an easier form of engagement have resulted in a saved life?

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