Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions

Mental ill-health is costing employers an estimated $13 billion per year and with other health issues, such as sleep, costing $26 billion per year, the costs of employee health is rising. If left unmanaged, it is predicted that costs will be $16 trillion by 2030! 

Virtual Psychologist is here to help! We can reduce mental wellbeing and related insurance claims, shorten time off work for unavoidable claims, reduce costs associated with lost productivity and leave, and increase employee productivity!

We do this through a wholistic biofeedback and proactive wellbeing approach. We focus on 3 main areas to ensure your employees are getting the best clinical care.


Virtual Psychologist was the first text-based counselling service in Australia to provide counselling by qualified psychologists. We utilises SMS, WhatsApp,  Facebook messenger, Voice, and Video to deliver secure quality clinical care. We also utilise wearable technology, assisted artificial intelligence, and data to provide holistic health solutions.


Physical ailments are both causes and symptoms of mental ill-health. Through wearable technology and data collation we explore proactive wellbeing solutions by assessing a person’s physiology. Through exploring heart rate, sleep pattern and length, diet, and exercise, to name a few, we can establish patterns and, with assisted AI, find links between physical and mental ill-health on an individual and organisational level.


Virtual Psychologist has a team of qualified psychologists, coaches, counsellors, therapists, and experienced staff to provide round the clock clinical care. With a focus on proactive wellbeing we seek to reduce the costs of employee claims associated with insurance claims, physical illness, mental ill-health, and workplace related stress. We use proven frameworks formulated to illicit fast outcomes, and adapted to suit our innovative text service.

How we do it

By utilising technology available today, and technology that 90% of the population carry, the mobile phone, we have created a solution in your employees pocket or on their wrist. By using their mobile phone to access proactive, reactive, and educational wellbeing resources and support, your employees can get easy access to support discreetly, whenever and wherever they need it. Be it before work on the train, during their lunch break, in a park after work, or at home sipping their tea on the couch, accessibility is when and where they need it!

By utilising wearable technology to record information such as heart rate, sleep patterns, exercise, diet, and many other manual and automatic recorded data points, we are able to evaluate their wellbeing holistically and create proactive solutions BEFORE they need leave or lodge an insurance claim potentially saving employers over $40 million* per year!

Our technology team has designed, and developed, our purpose-built client relationship and communication manager platform. It has been designed with simplicity in mind for our counsellors with easy client communication, scheduling, and client information recording. It utilises a range of communication channels including SMS, Text (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger), Voice, and Video, and offers self-service booking for clients.

We bring together health metrics, mental wellbeing, and technology to deliver a holistic wellness solution to workplaces across Australasia.

Some of our clients and affiliates

*Figures reported by a NSW organisation and is based on total spent on employee insurance claims from stress and sleep related illness.

Virtual Psychologist offers more than twice the services of traditional EAPs! Including:

Return on Investment!

Below is an example of the ROI for an Insurance-based client.

Download the full version of our insurance ROI here.

"We utilise over 20 years experience in technology, public health, and psychology to bring innovative proactive solutions in reducing the instance and impact of mental ill-health, and its associated health effects, to the workplace"

Dervla Loughnane - CEO

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