Meet our latest ambassador- Liam Hounsell

I was originally born in Harare –  Zimbabwe, I grew up loving sport, and anything creative or adventurous. I decided to pursue a passion of mine which was tennis, and look for greater opportunities in Adelaide, with my mom. It was tough leaving friends and family at first. However, I was fortunate enough to be coached by Luke and Peter Smith,  at the Peter Smith Tennis Academy. Who supported and helped me feel more at home and develop a greater confidence in my abilities. I trained as a full time athlete for 2 years, but various injuries took me out of playing. Despite the tough time I realised adversity can be a gift in disguise based on the attitude you take with it as “nothing is good or bad, it is thinking that makes it so”. I am currently studying a bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Adelaide. While creating videos for various Businesses in Adelaide, Coaching tennis and I have recently come to enjoy Public Speaking at Toastmasters. I’ve created a few videos on my new Channel – Truthful Illusions, where I aim to create Truthful and Inspiring content that helps people Uncover Their Truth, whatever it that may be for them.

You can find Liam’s YouTube channel here.


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