Text Counselling benefits

Text counselling is becoming more popular in the corporate sector. For many people the thought of phone or face to face services are too confrontational. In fact 44% of those people who have engaged in our service report that they would not have reached out for any psychological help if text counselling had not been available. Furthermore, the majority of people who use the Text counselling service are men. Age is certainly no barrier with people over 70 using the service. There is no doubt that it appeals to the younger generation, with 22-30 year olds holding the highest utilisation per age group. We have so many people using the service from housebound breast feeding mums to men who report not wanting to be heard crying over the phone. 

For many people the convenience and accessibility of the service is extremely beneficial to their personal circumstances. With 24/7 coverage and access to qualified mental health practitioners, why wouldn’t you sign up today?

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